Ready Bake

At Weston we understand that great tasting bread can turn an ordinary meal into a memorable one. We have been providing quality bakery products to Canadians since 1882.

Our Ready Bake business provides the largest assortment of Frozen bakery products to the Food Service industry in Canada. Our products include an extensive variety of breads,rolls, baguettes, sandwich carriers and bagels. Many of these products are available in multiple formats, from frozen dough to parbake to thaw and serve. We have recently added whole grains and reduced the sodium in several of our best-selling products to assist Operators in meeting the emerging trend for more nutritious menu choices. We have the right bakery solution for your Kitchen.

Ready Bake also produces a variety of single portion sweet goods which include donuts, danish, jelly rolls, turnovers, fruitsticks, cookies, and mini-cupcakes.

Our Thomas' line of premium English muffins delivers a unique flavour and texture experience that only our famous “nooks and crannies” can provide your guests. Ideal served with fruit preserves or as a base for your Eggs Benedict offering.

Weston Bakeries is a Canadian-owned leader in the North American baking industry. Its operations include over 40 bakeries across North America employing over 6,000 employees.